Where it All Started

In the Beginning

I’ve be meaning to keep a log of our travels for years, I didn’t ever get round to it when we had our first motorhome in 2008, a Burstner Quadro 674, (Burstner later had to change the name of this model to Ixeo, as Audi thought it sounded too much like Quatro, although I think most people would be able to tell the difference between the two!)  And still I didn’t start my travel journal all the time we had our caravan from 2010 to 2017.

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 23.16.44

We had plenty of adventures in our Swift Conqueror 570, which we towed with a Landrover Freelander to many corners of the UK and Europe.  We travelled all the way to Interlaken in Switzerland and pitched on Lazy Rancho campsite, a beautiful, well equipped site, with a front row seat to the Eiger.  Even the monster earwigs which infiltrated every orifice didn’t spoil our trip.  We towed our ‘shed’ all the way to the wonderful Il de Re on the west coast of France too, where there’s no need to drive as the island is just made for cycling, (which was just as well, as our car broke down when we got there and after a fantastic sunny 3 weeks cycling around, our outfit was brought home on the back of a breakdown truck and we were dispatched in a hire car!  Top tip – always travel with breakdown insurance.

Back Camera

So how did we end up back in a motorhome?  That’s a good question!  I can only recall going into the dealership to look at a new caravan, however, on my return from the loo, Pete was sitting in the shiny Bessacarr E412 in the showroom.  I got in and we both had a lightbulb moment and instantly felt that this was a vehicle we could have adventures in.

No more winding the steadies up and down, no more hitching and unhitching, no more dragging waste and fresh water waste hogs, just jump in and go, or stop and get the kettle on.

Our wallet was significantly lightened and the adventure began.


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