It’s a Small World

Days 5 and 6:  Oban

It certainly is a small world, although it feels to me like there are so many places to visit and a diminishing time in which to discover it all.

We arrived at the Oban Camping and Caravan Club site and were greeted by an enthusiastic warden, who declared proudly that ‘the toilets here are immaculate’ and just in case we weren’t sufficiently impressed by the prospect of gleaming loos, she restated firmly ‘and I MEAN immaculate.’  I took this more as a warning that we should respect her levels of cleanliness in the conveniences and leave all as we found it.

Oban Camping and Caravan Club Site
Oban Camping and Caravan Club Site

I further warmed to the super clean shower* lady, when I visited the campsite shop in search of a lettuce.  She said she didn’t have one to sell, however, she did have one I could have that she had been saving for her tortoise, which lives in a floodlit tortoise des res in the campsite office for all to admire.  I didn’t want poor old Tommy tortoise to go without, but she was insistent and just as I was leaving with Tommy’s lettuce she called out, ‘ you’ll want a few tomatoes to go with that,’ and handed me half a dozen cherry tomatoes.  We enjoyed our salad that night, but I hope that it wasn’t at Tommy’s expense.

It certainly is a small world and coming out of the acclaimed spotless shower the following morning, I bumped literally straight into a friend from home who was staying on the same site with her husband, having hired a motorhome for a fortnight.  We both did that double take thing for a moment where our brains tried to make sense of a face that was completely familiar, but in totally the wrong place.

We enjoyed a 12 mile cycle ride on the Caledonian Way Cycle Track Route 78  which runs right past the camp site and stopped off for great coffee and very good flapjack at the Ben Lora Cafe and Bookshop

* I’ve been trying to think of other phrases to accurately describe the Oban warden’s pride and joy, how about the dirt free dunnies, or the lustrous loos?


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