Swallows and Amazon

Days 3 and 4 Keswick to Cromlix


I must have been looking at the map as we whizzed past the sign to tell us we were entering Scotland.  What a shame, as I usually like to let out a loud ‘Hoots Mon’ as we cross the border.

Our destination was Cromlix, where Andy Murray has his very own hotel.  However, we weren’t staying with the tennis ace, instead we were visiting relatives for 2 nights who very considerately have an outside tap and electric hook up too.  Their beautiful cottage in the heart of the rolling Stirlingshire landscape is off the beaten track, but still close enough to the A9.  The views from the cottage are enormous and the wildlife is abundant here and it’s always a pleasure to visit Mike and Eileen in their Scottish rural hideaway.


Open Art Studio in Stirlingshire

It’s also where cousin Eileen has her own ceramics studio, Swallow Sculpture Shed where she creates lovely sculptures and ceramics, many of them inspired and themed on the swallows that nest every year in the roof of her studio.  Eileen also offers tuition and she would be delighted to see you if you’re passing and would like to learn how to throw a pot.  So why not call ahead and book a session yourself, you can find details here:  Swallow Sculpture Shed on Facebook

Braco Coffee

In the evening we all went along to the newly opened Braco Coffee where we enjoyed entertainment by an unlikely but excellent musical combo of Scottish and Malawian songs.  The evening was a great success and the cafe was absolutely packed.  It was lovely to see a new business being so well supported by the locals.  If you’re passing this way, and looking for a decent cafe / bistro in Stirlingshire, the food and coffee are highly recommended.

You may be wondering why I’ve called this post ‘Swallows and Amazon’  The Swallows are now self explanatory and the Amazon connection will be revealed in a later post.



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