Less Haste, Less Speed

Day 1: Home To Keswick

We set off from our home in Wensleydale, as expected about 3 hours after we intended.   No matter how many times we go away, we still remain incapable of leaving home to a deadline.  Maybe it’s exactly because there is no sense of urgency when you go away in a motorhome, that we always start the way we mean to go on.  Slowly and in our own time.  After all there’s no sense in rushing in to things is there?


Our first stop was a couple of nights at Keswick Camping and Caravan Club site in the Lake District National Park.  It’s been a while since we’ve been here and I’d forgotten what a great site this is.  Great facilities, friendly wardens, walking distance to a town with enough pubs, cafes and outdoor gear shops to satisfy everyone’s taste.  And then there’s the view.  Absolutely beautiful views of Derwentwater and the surrounding hills right from your pitch.  We woke the first morning to a classic Lake District view, the overnight rain had stopped and the mist was rising, the clouds were lifting to reveal the surrounding majestic hills rising up from the lake shore.


We’d arranged to meet up with some friends for the day.  Seeing Martyn and Janet again reminded us of long sunny days in January and February on a Spanish Camping and Caravan Club winter rally, where we’d first met on another motorhome adventure to Spain.  It had been our first trip to Spain and we were amazed to find that there is an alternative to holing up during the unrelenting dark and damp British winter.  There is literally light at the end of the tunnel, (although we took the shorter route Portsmouth to Bilbao)  We joined an army of other pensioners who were very wisely using their winter fuel payment to keep warm … in the Spanish sunshine.



2 thoughts on “Less Haste, Less Speed

    1. Yes, Keswick really is a great site. A bit steep price wise, like all ‘proper’ sites now, but the views and the proximity to town make it worth splashing the cash on this one now and then. Thanks for following, the Hebridean adventure will be documented bit by bit! Thanks for calling by. 🙂

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